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24- Macksville Citizens


24- Macksville Citizens

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Macksville, Kansas -- History

Macksville, Kansas Centennial

Stafford County, Kansas


Section of the Macksville Centennial Book dealing with Macksville citizens.


Macksville History Committee and The Lewis Press


Macksville City Library, Macksville, Kansas


Macksville City Library, Macksville, Kansas











Macksville History Committee and The Lewis Press, “24- Macksville Citizens,” Digital Macksville, accessed July 5, 2020,

IOOF Lodge and Rebekah Lodge
IOOF Lodge and Rebekah Lodge hall was in the Demain and Powell building above the drug store.
Naomi Rebekah Lodge No. 419 was chartered July 26, 1902. The lodge was active for several years. In the 1930’s the lodge was inactive.
Then in 1950 it became active again. The lodge was in District 45. The lodge enjoyed many parties. The IOOF Lodge and Rebekah had chili suppers as projects.
In 1970 the building became unsafe so Naomi Rebekah Lodge #419 consolidated with the Martha Rebekah Lodge at St. John. Rebekah’s traveled to St. John to attend Lodge the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.
The IOOF Lodge disbanded and paid their dues to Grand Lodge in Topeka.
Art Weitner and mother Ida Weitner
Fred Hopley and Charles Fitzsimmons
Early day residents. Left to right: Kate Carter, Julia Ridenour, Ida Tucker, Lucy Holcomb.
Ethel Satterlee
Carroll and Lillian Fred
Clinton DeBusk
Florence (Frack) Reiman
—171 —
Art Weitner, Clyde Bullard
G.P. and Kate O’Connor
Charles Stark with his five sons and oldest grandson, taken in 1940 in the back yard at his home. The sons, I to r, Joe, DeLoss, Doyt, John and Djalma; the grandson Charles Gale.
— 172—
Rev. C.H. and Ida Malin
Carrie Stark and her two daughters, Letha and Janice, taken in the Copper home in Scott City, 1965.
Left to right, row 1: Neva Anderson, Maxine Pyle, Edwin Pyle, Eleanor Pyle, Ruth Anderson.
2nd row: Arden Anderson, Robert Wright held by Grandpa A.C. Anderson, Albert Anderson, Grandma Philla Anderson, Rufus Anderson.
Row 3: Emma Yuncker, Adeline Anderson (Wood), Vera Anderson, Edward Yuncker, Fred Anderson, Iva Anderson, Laura Anderson Wright, Rev. J.T. Pyle and son Glenn Pyle.
Row 4: William Anderson, Mrs. William Anderson, Mrs. Harriet Anderson Pyle.
Gladys Frink, early day teacher.