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17- Anniversaries - Macksville Celebration


17- Anniversaries - Macksville Celebration


Macksville, Kansas -- History

Macksville, Kansas Centennial

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Section of the Macksville Centennial Book dealing with Anniveraries and Celebrations in Macksville.


Macksville History Committee and The Lewis Press


Macksville City Library, Macksville, Kansas


Macksville City Library, Macksville, Kansas











Macksville History Committee and The Lewis Press, “17- Anniversaries - Macksville Celebration,” Digital Macksville, accessed June 16, 2024,

Wellman Trash Service. Bob Wellman, owner 3 years. Don Overby • Also Sound Co. Production lighting, Dean Overby
C.O. Mammel Food Store. John Drake, manager, Lenore Ryder, Viola Dove, Rebecca Drake. John Drake bought Mammels 11-11-85. Now called John’s Grocery.
Don and Farol Tillery at the New Red Barn. Don and Farol owned Don’s Jack & Jill 1966-1970 and The Country Store 1975 -1983.
Jim Clark, Gene Keller and Fred Clark. Clark Flying Service, crop and spraying, spring 1949.
Parade at the 50th anniversary.
Taken from Macksville Enterprise • Macksville had street fairs and 4-H fairs until late 1940’s. These are pictures of the street fairs in early days.
—74 —
Left to right, Winnie Hopley, Mrs. Floyd Breeding, Fred Hopley, President of Hiway 50 Association, Mr. Sharp and Floyd Breeding.
In 1958 Hiway 50 ribbon cutting ceremonies. The event was staged to celebrate the improvement on US 50, a coast to coast hiway which winds through 12 states.
A big parade and a free barbecue and dance was held to celebrate the occasion. Nearly one thousand were served at the barbecue. The buffalo meat was donated by Bill Cross of Lewis.
Fred Hopley president of the Kansas US 50 Federation was in charge of this big celebration.
George Hart, Joy Reiman, Jim Malachek, 50th anniversary.
Maxine Abbey, Mattie Commons, Grace Eichenberger, 50th Anniversary.
Roy Wilson, Bill Fuqua, Jim Malachek, Thurman Satterlee, George Baxter, Arthur Harvey, 50th anniversary.
Christable Green and sister (Granddaughters of Mr. Mack the founder of Macksville), Janie Starke, Bertha McMillan.
“Pinkie” Paul and Violet Thomas ready for 1961 celebration.
Picture of 1936. 1st row • bottom: Clayton Cooper, Hubert Campbell, J.J. Maroney, Arlie Hoover, M.A. Commons, Clyde Clark, W. Archie Harman, Carl DeGarmo, George Parks, George Baxter, Mickey Elmore, Gilbert Harper, Bill Yeager, Lou Mack, Sam Wiles, Scotty Grant, Harper Wilson, John Lynch. 2nd row: Pete Zuercher, Henry Bates, Al Muse, Guy Rothrock, Doyt Hearn, Ward Gilbert, C.J. Grieser, Fred McReynolds, Peggy Slaughter, Grace Coshow, Merle Reese, Bertha McMillan, Adolph Thurow, George Cooper, George Hart, Pinkie (Paul) Thomas, A.G. English, W.S. Fred. 3rd row: Everett E. Thompkins, N.M. Rothrock, Lester Shaw, Al Abrahamson, Howard Byrne, Ben Holland, Wayne Williams, Henry Hardie, Scott Tucker, Earl Shute, Archie Neelly, Russell Denbo, Charlie Fitzsimmons, Clyde Hoover, W.S. Bogan, John McMorran, Mark Galloway, Sherman Youtsey, Gus Hupp, Earl Elder, H.H. Jacob-shagen, Harvey Breneman, Dr. A.J. Bock, Maynard Pruett, Julius Whitmarsh.
Charles Stark taken at the south steps of his home on north main street in 1936. He wore his wedding clothes, carried his dad’s walking cane and grew a goatee for the Macksville 50th Anniversary Celebration.
Kansas Centennial, Macksville 75th Anniversary and 10th Anniversary of Homecoming
In 1961 a two day celebration was held to celebrate Kansas 100th birthday, Macksville 75 and the 10th birthday of Homecoming.
Fred Hopley chairman of the centennial, Virgil Goudy, president of Chamber of Commerce were very busy getting every thing going on time.
A big parade was held at 10:30 with Melvin Johnson and Bob O’Connor as color bearer.
A reviewing stand in front of Hopley building with Dean Rothrock as MC.
The noon meal was a buffalo bar b que and evening meal was served by CWF and WSCS women. There were many games, contest, style show and programs.
The donation drawing was held for a 1901 Merry Olds, the lucky winner was Paul S. Wallace, Macksville.
Edward “Red” James and Cecil James 1961
Bernard Breitenbach in jail at the 1961 Kansas Centennial.
Irene Preston employee of post office ready for 1961 celebration.

Seated Ollie Van Arsdale, standing John Van Arsdale.
Irma Smith, Jay Smith, Hazel Breneman, Harvey Breneman, Allie Wiles, Sam Wiles, Faye Shaw, Lester Shaw and daughter, 50th anniversary.
Part of the parade 1961.
Thurman Satterlee, Ethel Satterlee, Paul Satterlee, Marcie Satterlee.
Bertha McMillan and daughter Josephine Howell 1961.
Dorothy Lucas, Mildred Gross 1961
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jennings were head of parade in 1961.
Dean Rothrock, Paul “Pinkie” Thomas, Virgil Hall, Paul Schnoebelen, Donald Sparks 1961.