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19- Alumni and Schools


19- Alumni and Schools


Macksville, Kansas -- History

Macksville, Kansas Centennial

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Section of the Macksville Centennial Book dealing with Macksville Alumni and Schools.


Macksville History Committee and The Lewis Press


Macksville City Library, Macksville, Kansas


Macksville City Library, Macksville, Kansas











Macksville History Committee and The Lewis Press, “19- Alumni and Schools,” Digital Macksville, accessed June 16, 2024,

The second picture shows the second school building which was built in 1887, it first being a one story building, the upper story added when more room was needed. In the years 1910 and 1911 two small cottages including the one in the picture were built to accomodate the increasing enrollment. These buildings were all sold at public auction when the succeeding one was ready for occupancy.
This building was built about 1913 to house first four grades. Then in 1926 when new high was finished the grades were all moved into brick building.
This building was also first city library (1936). Then after hot lunch program started it was used for lunch room.
When in the course of human events it became necessary to have a better looking and better equipped institution the present imposing edifice was planned and erected to grace our flourishing little town. It was opened in January 1913 for the use of over two hundred students and a faculty of seven.
Macksville High School built in 1926.
Gym (right of picture) built in 1955. Macksville Grade School was built in 1961 and 1962. First classes were in fall 1962 (left of picture).
First School
Quite a contrast between the pictures of the schools. This shows the progress made in our schools in the past 100 years. This building had once been the residence for Geo. Mack Sr. in 1879. It was used for a home, school, church, Sunday School, store building and a garage
before it was finally torn down. A partial list of those pictured are - Teacher Drue Fry, Flora McMorran, Kate Story, John Story, Mabel McBride, Rolla McBride, Belle Phinney, Ralph Phinney, Clara Colyer, Nellie Kelle, Harry Grimes, Lee Davis, Jennie McMorran, Anne Mack, Lewis Mack and Carrie Mack, also Preacher Rhodes and John Land.
Taken from Macksville Enterprise
School Superintendants of Macksville Public Schools
1908-Agnes Baker 1909 - Roy Thompson 1910-1913- J.A. Kelli 1913-1916 - E.J. Chesky
1916- 1917 - Fred Barber
1917- 1918- Gladys Fisk
1918- 1919 - O.J. Fisk
1919- 1924- J.F. Hoch 1924-1926 - Don H. Mclntire 1926-1932-E.L. Starrett 1932-1937 - D.S. Lauver 1937-1942 - H.E. Zimmerman 1942-1948 - Arthur Harvey 1948-1950 - A.A. Cherry 1950-1952-Fred H. Nace Jr.
1952-1956 - C.D. Watts 1956-1960 - Martin Isaacson 1960-1965 - Ira F. Eberhart 1965-1968 - Claron E. Adams 1968-1974 - Merlin L. Murray 1974 - Merle Cales
Macksville Alumni
2 year high school
Mrs. Chas. Hilliary - Dec., Reuban Reazin - Dec., Mrs. Ida Hopley Tucker - Dec., Mrs. Melisa Brown - Dec.
4 Year High School
Katherine Carter - Dec., Lucille Hopley-Holcomb • Dec.
Lelia English-Reid - Dec., Neva Damerell-Seibert, Justice Landreth - Dec.
Gladys Frick-Campbell, Bessie Sharpe-Graebner-Huff - Dec., Clarence Johnson - Dec., Harold Robertson -Dec., Clyde Nolder - Dec., James Brown, Ethel Malin-Hart - Dec.
Edna B. Smith-Petro, Effie McCoy-Beavers-Scheinder, Milton Commons - Dec., Earl Shute - Dec.
Newton Piland - Dec., Clarence Vosburgh - Dec., Lester Shaw • Dec., Arlie Hoover - Dec., Frances Gray-Pruitt - Dec., Dorsey Askew - Dec., Clarence Pruitt, Enid Battin-Doggett - Dec., Alexander Howell - Dec. (1911-1916) Ref. 1916 annual.
Finnes Piland - Dec., Willa H. Holland, Ed L. DeVore, Myrle B. Leonard, A. Clinton DeBusk - Dec., Winogene Bird-Hopley, Wesley P. Reazin - Dec., Leona E. Thurow-Hill - Dec., Henry Greenwood, Grace Campbell Eichenberger, P. Clive DeBusk, Florence Hudson Fehrenbacher, (1917) Ref. 1917 annual.
Ewart Roloson - Dec., Edwyna Hursh - Dec., James Roland, Ernest Jennings - Dec., Ethel Fuqua-Satterlee,
George Reazin - Dec., Earl Johnson - Dec., Alice Doran-Bock - Dec., William Callahan - Dec., Leila Suiter, Francis Smith - Dec., Myrl Shottenkirk - DeBusk, Eugene Hursh-Dec., Joy Askew-Reiman - Dec., Charles Smith - Dec., May Vincent-Shears-Curtis, Vern Landreth - Dec.
James Bird - Dec., Nona Williams-Beckerdite - Dec., Cecil Prose - Dec., Geraldine O’Conner-Bascon - Dec., Evelyn Noble-Hayes - Dec., Orville Felts - Dec., James Thurow - Dec., Florence Vosburgh-Riggs, Hazel Cool-DeBusk - Dec., Marie Hart-Darby - Dec., Merle Hart-Sayler, Dore Frazee - Dec., Harold Holland - Dec., Vanna Hainline-Oyer, Vena Stambaugh-Smith-Bates - Dec., Ir-wyn Cunningham - Dec., Lelia Reece-Thompson, Willard Hainline - Dec.
Emily Greenwood-Smith, Gleaves Roloson - Dec., Leona DeVore-Smith, Clarence Wolf - Dec., Gertrude Holderness-Cunningham - Dec., Hobert Young, Manter Bock - Dec., Deedie Wolf-Hudson, Ralph Thurow - Dec., Mary Graebner-Neill, Ray Crosby, Inez Prose-James -Dec., Fern Craft-Ulsh - Dec., Winford Williams - Dec.
Roger Campbell - Dec., Eunice Howard - Dec., Earl Becker - Dec., Laurel DeVore-Smith - Dec., Henry Wallace - Dec., Fay Sims-Heyen, Alberta Stephens-Redpath - Dec., Nellie Daniel, Bertha Fergus-Osgood, Pauline Welch-Denbo, Mary Daniel-Coonfield
Archie Campbell - Dec., Ellen Reece-Grim - Dec., Loren Wilson, Gladys Waters-Sanders, Willis Hainline -Dec., Ora Tanner, Irene Suiter - Dec., Mark Galloway -Dec., Sylvia Mills-Gibson - Dec., Clyde Felts - Dec., Dorothy Miner, Hayden Nesbit - Dec., Fern Howard-Galloway - Dec., Dale Chastain - Dec., Clara Graebner-Sommers, Verlin Grisier - Dec., Harry Johnson - Dec., Oscar Reece, Esther Becker-Jones, Mildred Thurow-Tate, Leslie Doggett - Dec.
Clarence Hammond - Dec., Ermadell Craft-Herndon -Dec., Lida Beiser-Harrison - Dec., William Suiter - Dec., Ruth Crews-Jefferies * Dec., Sarah Hagerman-Thom-pson, Orville Thurow - Dec., Birdene Holland-Hill, Clyde Kennedy - Dec., Bertha Miller-Schussele, Mabel Goudy-Purinton - Dec., Albert Sewing - Dec., Edna Suiter-Frack-Hart, Howard Lucas, Grace Powell-Maroney Alfrada Bock, Thomas Hart, Gladys Felsted-Yorgeson - Dec., Harper Wilson - Dec., Russell Piland - Dec., Edith Peters-Graham, Grayce Holderness-Reynolds, Almira Seal-Wolf, (1918-1923) Ref. 1923 annual
Verna Seal, Laura Troika, Leila Vosburgh-Frederickson, Gladys Aves-Roush, Menzo Hainline, Paul Hankins, Mildred Shaw-Hankins, Gladys Piland-Young, Herman Cramer, Frank Malin, John Paden, Edna Waddle-Suiter, Dolly Young-Thurow, Lyle DeBusk - Dec., Oren Satterlee - Dec., Ernest Suiter - Dec., Harold Tomlin - Dec., John Vance - Dec., Ruth Waters-Julian - Dec., Myrtle Childs-Campbell - Dec., Earl Goudy - Dec., Arlie Hainline - Dec., Ruth Wood-Murrell - Dec., Lyla Reazin-Stambaugh - Dec., Regna Craft-Reese - Dec.
Vaughn Miles-Graebner, Alta Dykes-Piland, Florence Hursh-French, Mae Fuqua-Grant, Charley Barker, Mildred Sinclair-Palmer, Pauline Hart-Payton, Larry Dale DeGarmo, Edith Carpenter, Clarence Wilson, Eula Tucker-Kingsley, Emerson Aves, Carl DeGarmo, Mary Galloway-Riley, Walter Ogelby, Maybell Burt-Hubbard -Dec., Gladys Suiter-Harkness * Dec., Ray Childs - Dec., Edna Walker-Chandler - Dec., Katherine Huffman-Carr- Kearns - Dec.
Opal Thurow-White, Johnnie Parks, Dorothy Shute-Lucas, Loetta Enlow-Phillips-Devaney, Mary Seidle, Maude Ogelby, Arnold Tomlin, Donald Hall, Josephine McMillan-Howell, Helen McMorran-Adams, Doris Plowman-Dowell, Lea Holderness-Martin - Dec., Viola Goudy-Fleming - Dec., Merle Foreman-Reese - Dec., Zelma Turner-Adams, Harold Reason, Dorthy Beiser.
Frank Hart, Hazel Grisier-Hart, Alexander Cramer, Blanch Neill-Ketron, Ruth Denbo-Huntley, Charles Waters, Ruth Cummins-Waddle-Waters, Veda Lucas-Watts, Ralph Yeager, Vernon Kephart, Beulah Hanson-Huffine, Morris Cramer, James Briggs, Helen Lindsey-Smith - Dec., Nellie Tucker- Dec.
Georgia Belt-Kephart, Verna Dougan-Wood, Blanche Dykes-Suiter, Mildred Ebersole, Lois English - Dec., Orville Fergus, Kathleen McMorran-Yeager, Alice Parks-Williams-Shockley, Hollis Plowman, Ora Hammond -Dec., Louis Hall, Lovell Thurow - Dec., Mary Louise Bat-man-Thurow-Torluenke, Ethel Thurow-Hanson, Lester Reazin, Florence Richards-Null, Duane Smith, Madeline Smith-Fergus, Lloyd Suiter - Dec., Laureen Swedlund-Yeager - Dec., Robert Yeager, Alda Batman-Wilson - Dec.
Ruth Alley-Wilson, Freda Becker-Greathouse, Lois Belt-Hart - Dec., Margaret Beiser-Post, Thomas Callahan - Dec., Flonnie Callahan-Dreyer, Gladys Cummins-Glenn-Breeze, Pauline DeGarmo-Wilkerson, Clarence Goudy, Albert Grisier - Dec., Nellie Hart-Suiter-Sprout, Myrtle Dykes-Newton, Beulah Miller-Strait - Dec., Lyla Pfund-Ulsh - Dec., Elva Jennings-Alf, Roberta Rowe-Mudgett, Charles Stanley, Pauline Troika-Pettit - Dec., Russell Thurow - Dec., Freda Sewing-Ulsh, Linda Suiter-Paden, Francis Walker
John Askew - Dec., Frances Abrahamson-Denbo-Mc-Nutt, Alma Belt-Dill, Verlan Biggs, Margaret DeGarmo-Anderson, Omer Devore, Bessie Dennis-Deis Foss, William English, Bernis Foss, Elsie Grisier-McComb, Robert Hoover - Dec., Leda Jennings-Berkebile - Dec., Ernest Kephart, Ronald Marteeny - Dec., Virgil Newby -Dec., Lacy Overbey-Devore, Edward O’Connor, Madeline Payton-Parks, Norman Rothrock, Lillian Smith-Miller, Letha Starke-Stults, Margaret Smith-Montgomery, Morris Hart - Dec., Mildred Mosberger-Stambaugh-Gowdy, Adele Satterlee-Sewing.
James Burns, Margaret Cole-Hancock, Merlin Cooper, Glenn Denbo - Dec., Chandler Johnson - Dec., John Neill
- Dec., Frederick Parkes, Jr., Verlin Tucker - Dec., Harold Walker, Bernice Dennis.
Mary Alley-Giggy, Loren Abrahamson, Ruby Arnold-Goldsboro, Arliff Burns, Opal Belt-Neill, Eatha Carpen-ter-Elkins-Leffman, Howard Darling - Dec., Lucille Darling-Thurow, Winifred DeGarmo, Leona Eitel-VonBorstal, Carl Enlow, Donald Hoover, Fern Holland-Deis, Pearl Keen-Brown, Bryce Lamb, Margaret Neill-Tucker, lone Pruett-Packard, Carl Sewing, Henry Sewing, Elton Shurtleff, Goldia Stambaugh-Lock, Oliver Thurow - Dec., Walter Tucker - Dec., John Walker - Dec., Edward Yeager, Nancy Young-Libby.
Alice Abrahamson-Booth, Doris Aultman-Small, Edmond Biggs, Garland Christie, Merlin Carleton, John Eitel, Giles Elmore - Dec., Freda Fitzsimmons-Helwig, Mack Green - Dec., Mildred Harman-Prescott, Margaret Hall-Ayers, Melba Harman-Chrissman, Harold Harman, Richard Lucas, Garnett Malachek-Turner, Doris Preston-Tucker, Pearl Partridge-McDonald, Eileen Shaw-Olson - Dec., Gladys Stambaugh-Johnson, Neil Vosburgh.
Doris Askew-Jones, Lowell Blood, Ernest Battin, Doris Belt-Lamb, Gerald Becker, Margaret Batman-Thompson - Dec., Merrit Battin - Dec., Orville DeGarmo - Dec., Roy Devore, Vernon Doran - Dec. Eugene Dunkin, Bill Fuqua, Everett Grizzell, Thelma Grizzell-Hill, Lois Johnson-Klapp, Helen Langloys-Boyer, Leo Shurtleff, Donald McMorran, Faye Swedlund-Elmore-Blunk, Charles Stephenson - Dec., Doris Troika-Howerton-Albers, Harry Wiles, Harold Hawk - Dec.
Doris Toney-Roberts-Reigher, Eva Abrahamson-O’Con-nor, Vinita Blood-Cannon, Leola Beiser-Dixon, Ivan DeGarmo, Joe Elmore - Dec., Jean Eichenberger-Graybill, Virgil Goudy, Pauline Hawk-Beck, Goldie Har-die-Green, Vernon Hall - Dec., Doris Johnson-Cook -Dec., Zelda Krankenberg-Brensing, Philip Lucas, Paul Lucas, Martina Mackey-Tranbarger, Robert O’Conner, Harold Shephard - Dec., John Dean Stark - Dec., Arnold Thurow, Mary Wood-Nelson - Dec.
Margaret Abrahamson-Call, Marjorie Breneman-Gibson, Lewis Chaney, Harold Corby - Dec., Lavona DeBusk-Dobbin - Dec., Bertrand Doran, Edythe Eitel-Gunter, Clarence Fuqua, Edward Grizzell - Dec., Jack Green, Geraldine Hopley-Hoff - Dec., Anna Hardie-Stimatze, John Hall, Ruth Johnson, Geraldine Kearns-Shepherd, Hazel Mackey-Lucas, Dorothy Maben-Johnson, Marjory O’Connor-Smith, Ula Partridge-Emer-son, Roy Packard, Edgar Preston, Bruce Putman - Dec., Dean Rothrock, Verne Seibert, Sam Smith, Donald Sparks, Ray Stambaugh - Dec., Edward Wiles
Arden Anderson, Neva Anderson-Nelson, Serelda An-derson-Crane, Clyde Burns, Warren Blood, Beth Biggs-Stephenson, Bill Fitzsimmons, Verlin Hargadine, Oline Harman-Kessler, Evelyn Jennings-West, Etta Marie Kennedy-Gartung, Roy Miller - Dec., Louise Shute - Dec.,
Robert Satterlee - Dec., Russell Walker, Ruby Walker-Beamer, Burleigh Willard, James Yeager, Bernice Zuer-cher-Thompson, Anna Marie Kleck-DeVault.
Van Hoover - Dec., Lurena DeBusk-Grizzell, Erma Lee Wallace-Patterson, Donald Vosburgh, Ralph Shepherd -Dec., Dorothy Rice, Ruth Shepherd-Wolff, Ivan Nelson, Irene Hammond-Moyer, LeRoy Hall - Dec., Clarice Blood-Smith, Verne Abrahamson - Dec., Gaylord Thompson - Dec., Vera Shepherd-Railsback, Georgia Kleck-Letholt, Harry Russell, Monica DeBusk-Preston, Lawrence Eddingfield - Dec., Howard Bartlett - Dec., Louise DeGarmo-Kagarice, LeRoy Foss, Clinton Blount, Rolfe Troika - Dec., (1928-1938) Ref. 1938 annual.
Harry Zimmerman, Jack Fitzsimmons, Keith O’Connor, Ivan Fuqua, Harry Seibert, Archie DeGarmo, Albert Caywood, Lelia Bates-Brown, Evelyn Green-Martin, Hazel Rice-Gerke, Miriam Evans-Doran, Edward Baxter, Thaine Cotton, Albert Anderson, Verlin Krankenberg, Doyt Stark, Betty Chaney-Robbins, Maxine Pyle-Brandt, Audrey Haynes-Hager - Dec., Arthur Weitner - Dec.
Harry Thomason, Ralph Kleck Jr., Helen Phelps-Smith, Faye Wood-Parr, Manfred Lock, Archie Harman, John Russell, Bill Zuercher, Winston Williams, Jack Maxwell, Virginia Pound, Dorothy Eddingfield-Sparks, Harry Finley Jr., Ruby Stimatze Brickey, Evelyn Commons-Darling, Esther Kennedy-McArthur, Frances O’Connor-Potts, Loreen Shepherd-Pruitt, Eugene Grizzell, June Johnson-Seibert, Paul Satterlee, Pauline Graebner-Walker, Richard Yeager - Dec., Lyle Darling, Robert Abbey - Dec., E.P. Anderson Jr. - Dec., Bonnie Breneman-Hodson.
Jennie Lou Pruitt-Bryant, Dewy Foss, Lavonge Foley-Foss, Carmen Heimiller-Keating, Betty DeBusk-Seibert, Chester Grizzell Jr., Fred Clark, Deloss Stark, Vernon Walker, Lois Ward-Selfrege, Dorothy Ann Reiman-Diles, Esther Beiser-Chapman, Virginia Harmon-Strait, Royce Williams, Harold Thaine Pound, Al Askew, Marvin Bates, Mary Robertson-Peerson, Thelma Southards-Meek, Dale Rothrock, Paul Sparks, Helen Johnson-Gay, Verdina Mackey-Lock, Paul Graebner - Dec., Robert DeGarmo -Dec., Jack Malin - Dec., Robert Smith - Dec.
Calvin Fuqua, Edwin Pyle, Ernest Southards, Ruth DeBusk-Miller, LeRoy Bartlett, George Partridge, Ferril Curtis, Harlan Thompson, Bernie Thompson, Jackie Pifer-Fanuchi, Kenneth Becker, Rex Keen, Robert Lamb, Leslie Rice, June Wilson-Volker, Doris Haynes-Henry, W.W. Mills, Carmen Hardie-Hanson, Edwin Satterlee, Lloyd Hager, Elna Baker-Rothrock, Barbara Holland-Clark, Wanda Lee Kearns-Grizzell, Lenore Foley-Ryder, Opal Stimatze, Bernice Breneman-Cotton, Louise Grun-der-Grizzell, Betty Jo Cotton-Dotzour, Lyle Pound, William Hudson Sr., Dorothy Paden-Schuster, Ladd Smith - Dec., Dale Graebner - Dec.
Esther Hart-Ogle, Joe Stark, Bill Wilson. Onabell Cook
Bumhardt, Robert Bock, Julia Walker-Bell-Maple, Merrit Hardie-McNamee, Alton Neill Jr., Jeanette Pifer-Ernst-Leonard, Dorothy DeGarmo-Gibson-Meisel, Evelyn Mc-Millan-Ogle, Ethel Suiter-Coats, Dean Heckle, Faye Bates-Hensley, William Howard Ernst Jr. - Dec.
Darlene Mosburger-Miller, Gerald Richards, Arlene Paullin-Johnson, Robert Charles Houchen, Dean DeGarmo, Wayne Eddingfield - Dec., Lorraine Wilson-Wolcott, Irene Satterlee-Gatchet, Evelyn Carpenter-Waddle, Atlee Dean Beckerdite, Paula Barstow-Walker, Ronald Murrell, Jean Hall-Lamb
Harold Blackburn, Marlin Barstow, Marilyn Rothrock-Cleveland, Lorna Young-Wicks, Janice Stark-Copper, Francis Mackey, Ronald DeGarmo, Emil Baker, Lewis Hawk Jr., Marjorie Crandell-Gibson, Milton Commons Jr., Kenneth Bates - Dec., Bonnie DeBusk-Miller - Dec., Howard Sparks - Dec., Donald Hudson, Doris Henry.
Eugene Suiter, Germaine Odom-Suiter, Jackie Shaw-Jones, Fern Stimatze-Spruill, Ethel Mae Graebner-An-derson, Donald Hankins, Harry John DeGarmo, Arlene Ellyson-Beckerdite, Ernest Hager, Betty Jean Guyer-Braymer, Bill Baker, James Sparks, Eddie Walker, Eston Piland, James Rhoads, Dorothy Boylan, Richard Evans -Dec.
Martin Mitchell Jr., Jerald Heimiller, Jean Wilson-McLead, Alice Barstow-Morgan, Lola Young-Campbell, George Kephart, Bill Gross, Betty Barnes-Barnes, Betty Jo Suiter-Gilkison, Corlena Powell-Welch, Doris Stam-baugh-Hightower, Katherine Vance-Birney, Roberta Wood-Schmidt, Don French, Kent Lucas - Dec., Darrell McMillan - Dec., Gene Ramsey.
Ilene Heckle-Charron, Wayne Keen, Marian Morris-Brobaker, Deloris Paullin-Smith, Lowell Satterlee, Grace Weber-Gibson, Ethel Mae Wilson-Page, Mary Louise Harvey-Feaster, Bob Foss, Ruth Anna Neill-Stotts, Kenneth Odom, Roberta Graebner-Britner, Frankie Brown, LeRoy Hall - Dec., Noel Graebner - Dec., Leota Rhoads-Long - Dec.
Eugene Aves, Dale Lucas, Grayce Bock-Lucas, Phillis Suiter-Reimer, Leo Post, Walter Stimatze Jr., Roy Hart, Everett Harman, Jarrell Wood, Don Brison, LaWanda Miller-DeGarmo, Barbara Gross-Teeter-Cook, Richard Suiter, Dorothy Lyda-Jarrell, Dwayne Foley - Dec.
Christene Livingston-Satterlee, Velma Barnes-Brison, Norma Suiter-Aves, Marian Hall Chamberlin, Valetta Prescott-Manz, Jack Post, Maxson Frack, Katherine Baker-Severn, Grace Young-Moe.
Loren Bates, Virginia Martin-Prezpiorski, Wilma Hager-Davis, Ronnie DeVore, Eldon Hudson, James Ballinger, Conrad Waddle, Paul Wallace, Marlene Cum-mins-Gamble, John Fredrick Vance, Allen Parks, Ronnie Booth, Donald Waters, Doyle Wilson, Donald Suiter,
Larry Frack, Barbara Thurow-Hurley - Dec., Floyd Arlen Baker - Dec., Billy Kephart - Dec.
Charles Stark, Deloris Young-Pitts, Edwin Piland, Franklin Ellyson, Earline Doggett-Heimiller, Jack Cole, Phyllis Reynolds-Staub, Carol Commons-Ladbury, Troy Lucas, Sally Vance-Schmitz, Lois Hall-Burnell, Donna DeBusk-Suiter, Dean James, Billy Ballinger, Anna Lou Shaw-Soelter-Knowled, Elaine Hudson-Frack, Lee Suiter, Bud Rolin Suiter, Gary Stimatze, Maurine Post-Stimatze, Joan Waddle-Suiter-Kephart, Peggy Aves-Wilson, Don Curtis - Dec., Cleo Herman, Leland Graebner, June Stambaugh-Kephart - Dec., Max Lee McMillan -Dec.
Keith Young, Richard Waters, Mary Lou Mitchell-Sykes, Carolyn DeVore-Crotts, Jeanne Ashworth-Walline-Hawk, Louise Suiter-McCuller, Carol Broer, Lowell Parks, Jan Howell, Glenn Roach, Ronnie Burgess, Eugene Barnes, Sue Swafford-Barnes, George Hart, Bill Haynes, Avis Thurow-Warton, Richard Booth, Twylla Locke-Suiter, Bill Nesbit - Dec.
Galyn DeVore, Robert Hawk, Bernice Suiter-McMillan, Carol Tidwell-Stambaugh, Shirley Ott-Lucas, Lenna Reynolds-Frye, Patricia Smith-Kruizenga, Shirley Bar-nes-Welch, Norman Graebner - Dec., Douglas Lamb, Bobby Hall - Dec.
Wayne Higgins, Larry Tranbarger, Rex Howell - Dec., Gregg Bond, Janice Ashworth-Murphy, Henry Barstow, Francis Booth, Claudette Campbell-Despalmes, Adrian Suiter, Donna Jo Finlay-Laudick, Orvilene Fergus, Royce Johnson, Norma Prescott-Gibson, Dorothy Suiter-Reid, Walter Earl Monger, Richard Plowman, Bobby Higgins, Darrell Keen, Florene Kendall-Batchman, Donna Jo Locke-James, Larry Post, Doris Cooper, Georgina Grant-Bates
Patricia Johnson-Frank-Higgins, Carolyn Kephart-Parsons, Twila Parks-Huckaby, Neil Roach, Gary Stambaugh, Frieda Nesbit Arnold, Sharon Prescott Heyen, Arlene Suiter Boland-Shelton, Fredrick Johnson, Gary Foss, Bobby Johnson, Loren Johnson, Peggy Lee Miller, Gary Tranbarger, Jay Plowman - Dec., Gary Roberts -Dec., Barbara Lyda-Deighton
Robert Ashworth, Barbara Finlay-Schuette, Everett Hudson, Mike O’Connor, Gene Parks, Beverly Roberts-Fenwick, Karen Tucker-Hayes-Coblentz, Carl Young, Clara Monger-Krentzel, Barbara Kendall-Boyd-Bennet, Lillis Wratil Stambaugh, Kathleen Brown. Phyllis Martin Duval, Larry Turner, Bruce Fisher, James Piland, Lynn Lamb Suiter, Karen Higgins-Spencer, Michael DeBusk -Dec.
Zona Bolton-Suess, Judy Booth-Suiter-Campbell, Olive Cotton-Bartlett, Richard Ashworth, Clyde Bates Jr., Steve Bond, Galen Fisher, Darwin Guy, Ralph Met-sch, Ralph Parker, Gerald Prescott, Criss Booi, Ruth
Hart-Miller, Becky O’Connor-Trentman, Sybil Cummins-Vosburg.
Nancy Lamb England, Evelyn Bates Berry, Ernest Brown, Wayne Johnson, Becky Grizzell-McKee, Karen Roberts-Rinke-Holder, Kenneth Fenwick, Kent Lamb, Becky Smith Courtney
Ronald Ashworth, Gary Gibson, Sharon Estes Crissman, Joy Gruver Looper, Laura Lou Kendall-Rodarmel, Kathleen Kingsley-Johnson, Alma Jean Har-man-Metch, Lucinda Johnson-Rugan, Connie Suiter-Lamb, Patsy Roberts-Demel, Ruth Van Winkle-Steitz, Owen Estes, Linda Brown, Tom Tucker, Larry Bolton, Richard Preston, Gale Seibert, Billy Redman, Mary Jane Bolton
Chas Malone, Virginia Swartz-Shearer, Doug Graebner, Lynn Johnson, Dean Lamb, Steve Kephart, Ronnie Parker, Anita Sewing, Raymond Swartz Jr., Donnie Linebaugh, Alice Ann Biggs-Elliot, Jack Campbell, Terry Cummins, Ronnie Fetter, Mary Buell-Seibert
Tim Harman, Bill Hudson Jr., Donald Bates, Roger Satterlee, Tom Harman - Dec., Deanna Davidson-Aliff, Carol Swartz-Hunt, Carol Martin-Baker, Nancy Ashworth Douglas, Judy Brown-Blanton, David Preston, Joy Lynn Dutton-Snodgrass, Larry Fenwick, Lynda Beck-Fenwick, Charlotte Miller-Skeets, Charles Nesbit, Nick O’Connor, Laurel Jo Roach Fretz, Daniel Suiter
Mary Ann Bowman-Schinstock, Rodger Grizzell, Jerry Gross, David Harman, Ronnie Spencer, Craig Helwig, Patrica Henrie Wheat, Joseph Mickey Johnson, Milton Kingsley, Beverly Lamb-Fairchild, Barbara Painter-Won-dra, Nancy Reiman-Plank, Linda Grace Rogers, Gary Seibert, Sharon Sewing-McGowin, Monty Webster, Edward Stark - Dec.
Chuck Roach, Jewell Prescott-Anderson, Loren Parr, Eddie O’Connor, Lyle Parks, Kay Rose Parks, Ellen Jen-nings-Harman, Verlan Biggs Jr., Janice Adams, Mike Bilyeu, Judy Bowman, Paul Gibbs, Janice Piland, Mary Gibson Waters, Cheryl Ulsh Ross, Carol Ditges, Kathy Paullin Graebner, Jeanne Knox MacVicar, Sandra Gruver Baker, Rodney Satterlee, Jim Doran, Mike Johnson, Jim Clark, Linda Kesselman-Parr
Vivian Scott Harman, Connie Seibert Grizzell, Mike Preston, Jim Stambaugh, Charles Suiter, Jayne Ber-scheidt Suiter, Linda Malone Atterberry, John Martin, Alan Nelson, Toni Olmsted Wamhoff, Bob Painter, LaDayle Lamb Chapham Jr., David Ludlow, Joanelle Lucas Rolo, Steve Campbell, Lynne Henrie Douglas, Jim Hudson - Dec., Eugene Kephart, Bob Swartz, Douglas Webster, David Zwink, Jerry Kirkland, Mary Wood Pontius
Randy Smith, Robert Young, Beverly Miller Coen, Gale Booi, John Bowman, Karen Buell Bahl, Chris DeGarmo
Pippin, Tom Hudson, Deanna Rothrock Sundet, Donald Satterlee, Pat Seibert Wood, Barbara Jo Walker Nelson, Kenneth Van Winkle, Dennis Grizzell
Steve Walker, Tim Zwink, Lynda Parker Grizzell, Mary Blackburn Meyer, Eunice Fisher Stubb, Phillip Ackerman, Darryl Apel, Gail Aumiller, Mike Blackburn, Tim O’Connor, Anita Garcia Manuel, Connie Gibson Krusemark, Karen Hewitt Brown, Suzanne Malone, Marsha Nash, Raymond DeBusk, Romie Doggett, Ronnie Swartz, Gene Seibert, Martha Buell Meadows, Rodney Hudson, Pat Meyer, Dee Ann Rose Satterlee, Barbara Ryder Leighton, Lynnette Schartz Frownfelter, Gail Suiter Johnson, Rodney Reiman, Randy Schnoebelen, Barbara Clark Heinold, Lila Parks DeGarmo
Jim Johnson, Don Keenan, Homer Gruver, Dawna Sparks Sublett, Kirk Grizzell, Gloria Hogan Taylor, Mike Linebaugh, Becky Mayhew Lyman, Judy Sewing Wineland, Martha Young Risley, Dennis Kephart, Jan Mayhew, Jackie McCammond, Mary Gullett Carmichel Klee, DeWaine Hogan, Doris Cudney Weiss, Rosie Wat-choske Young, Deborah Ryder Saiya, Robert Standish, Steve Strobel, Rhea Walker Overbey, Jackie Campbell Seward, Edward Meyer, Lynn Krampe, Janice Mead Johnson, Jolene Parker Clark, Tom Bradley, Kathy Buell Keenan, Marsha DeHaven Wycoff, Karl Aumiller Jonell Gibson, Larry Goertz
Sharon Cudney Willis, Kelly Kephart, Debbie DeGarmo Kephart, Jane Mead Cole, Mark Meyer, David Kearney, Robert Goertz, Linda Goudy Koons, Steve Pleasant, Monica Miller, Veronica Buell Brake, Jeanne Doran Scott, Charles Fuller, Mark Scheufler, Yvonne Nash Longpine, Leslie Olmsted Nall, Mike Goddard, Craig Salmans, Richard Bates, Richard Weers, Darlene Miller Weers, Donald Piland, Myron Biggs, Becky Booth Heigert, Fred Schultz, Doug Suiter, Gary Herren, Gwen Hewitt Deal
Donna Scheufler Preston, Stephanie Schnoebelen Stoklaosa, Mark Keenan, Evan Mayhew, Nancy Skalsky Reed, Judy Standish Gibson, Gail Staub Shadley, Jim Van Arsdale, Bill Nash, JoLinda Walker Rains, Renarda Webster Warren, Dusty Arlen Bell, Lawrence Bevan, Steve Clowers, Danny Fehrenbacher, Genta Frost Vishnefske, Dennis Walker, Wayne Miller, Fritz Grizzell, James W. Gullett II, Rick Hudson, Jacque Neidig Weber, Douglas Parker, Russell Piland, Marcene Rothrock Butler, Lana Satterlee Maskus, Tyna Breitenbach Stoutimore, Joey Butler, Vicki Dimitt, Ann Marie Meyer Grizzell, Danny Thompson
Dick Swartz, Kay Goddard Thompson, Rick Walker, Ritchie Webster, Robin Schnoebelen, Greg Giles, Phil Goertz, Sharon Gullett Torkelson, Kevin Heimiller, Pam Aves Wellman, Allen Bevan, Diana Bolson, Chris Bradley, Steve Hudson, Barbara Hewitt Keeler, Maria Hogan Dunlap, Elizabeth Howard, Bill Davidson, Jeff Fertig, Phyllis Gales Rodgers, Philip Gifford, Markley
Zwink, Paulette Satterlee Miller, Carol Schultz Hoffman, Pam Seibert Ruane, Terry Koett, Kenneth Mead, Roger Parker, Cindy Rice Gottwald, Kenneth Sewing, Denice Wilson Bevan, Teresa Meyer Martin, Rolinda Sherwood Koett, Laura Smith Dugan, Rickey Stimatze
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Girard, Margaret Schultz, Eric Smith - Dec., Roy Snyder
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—91 —