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3- U.S. Postal Service- Macksville


3- U.S. Postal Service- Macksville


Macksville, Kansas -- History

Macksville, Kansas Centennial

Stafford County, Kansas


Section of the Macksville Centennial Book dealing with the U.S. Postal Service in Macksville, KS


Macksville History Committee and The Lewis Press, Inc.


Macksville City Library, Macksville, Kansas


Macksville City Library, Macksville, Kansas











Stafford County, Kansas

Macksville History Committee and The Lewis Press, Inc., “3- U.S. Postal Service- Macksville,” Digital Macksville, accessed June 16, 2024,

The first post office and store was owned by George Mack.
First Store and Post Office
It is a long way from the Mack Post Office and general store to the present Macksville.
Macksville was a little inland post office, mail coming out from Larned on a star route. The only other thing here was a black smith shop which was a necessary thing in that time.
Right, LaMoyne Pete Peterson 1976-1977 officer in charge 4-9-1977, till present. Left, Jim Piland, rural carrier.
Macksville Postmasters
Walter L. Antisdale 3-14-1879
Geo. Mack 5-8-1879
Orrin C. Grimes 11-2-1881
Mrs. Nancy H. Mack 1-8-1885
Job M. Miller 4-2-1886
George E. Mack 4-3-1889
Wm. A. Marquess 12-18-1893
Jay Pinney 9-7-1895
William W. Shaw 12-1-1897
John W. Alford 3-4-1898
Edgar B. Dykes 8-31-1904
Ida McCann 3-19-1914
Joseph C. Wolf 12-21-1922
Guy R. Malin 6-17-1936
Florence E. Westgate 7-20-1936
William P. Helwig 10-31-1945
LaMoyne “Pete” Peterson 1976-1977
Officer in Charge appointed 4-9-1977
From State Historical Society
Rural Mail Carriers
Geo. Hulton and Leo Bullard, 12-1-1911.
Clyde DeGarmo, Feb. 14,1916 - Feb. 1,1954.
A.A. Shaw 1917-1933.
In 1933 the two routes became one.
Ken Sherwood Feb. 1,1954 to Nov. 17,1978.
In the fall of 1962 Ken Sherwood picked up the Hopewell route. Then when the Hopewell post office closed it became part of the Macksville route.
Robert DeGarmo Nov. 17,1978 to Dec. 1,1978.
Robert had been substitute carrier for many years and had just received the rural carrier appointment when he passed away.
Virginia Brack Dec. 1, 1978 to Mar. 19, 1983. Virginia had worked as a postal employee several years before her rural carrier appointment.
Jim Piland Mar. 19,1983 to present.
Philip Helwig, Postmaster 1945 - 1976. Lloyd Jones, clerk at Northern Natural.
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