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12- Railroad


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Section of the Macksville Centennial Book dealing with the Railroad.


Macksville History Committee and The Lewis Press, Inc.


Macksville City Library, Macksville, Kansas


Macksville City Library, Macksville, Kansas











Stafford County, Kansas

Macksville History Committee and The Lewis Press, Inc., “12- Railroad,” Digital Macksville, accessed September 21, 2023,

Irma I. Smith
Macksville City Park is financed by earnings from the Emil Frick Estate. Many other individuals donated funds during its growth with Mrs. Rosine Smith and Mrs. Susan Crane-Hart giving sizable amounts. Organizations through the years who helped with park projects were the City Council, Chamber of Commerce, American Legion Auxiliary, American Legion, Sunflower H.D.U. Unit, Summit Club, Garden Club, Lions Club, Mother’s Clubs, and Cameo Club.
Researched by Mary Jo Hankla Written and edited by Dorothy Sparks
The Railroad Comes
The first train over the A.R. and W.R.R. came in July 4th, 1886. Macksville had a big celebration that day and people for miles around were here.
With the railroad, markets were established and it was not long until elevators were constructed. In the nineties the country was beginning to cease being chiefly a cattle country and gradually developed into a wheat growing country.
This cut-off between Hutchinson and Kinsley was later taken over by the Santa Fe railroad.
Taken from Macksville Enterprise 10-15-36
Macksville Santa Fe Depot and coal shed. Elevators on east side of street. North • Jennings Grain, foreground • Farmers Coop, behind ■ Gano Grain, far back - Davidson Grain.
Jack Rabbit drive. Loading Jack Rabbits on the railroad, early ’30’s.
Building railroad grade.
Mr. Yates’ retirement party.
Beginning and Ending of Railroad Career At Macksville, Kansas
Mr. Walter Eugene Yates completed his telegraph schooling, July of 1912 at Chillicothe, Mo. Business College, he was sent to Macksville, Kansas that same month, to serve his apprenticeship under the guidance of agent, Mr. Stoner. Mr. Yates was promoted and sent to Larned, Kansas as a telegraph operator Sept. of 1912.
It was at Larned, Kansas, Lena Inel Brownawell from Trenton, Mo. and Walter Eugene Yates were united in marriage March 19, 1915. One daughter, Kathern, was born to this union, in the year of 1919.
Mr. Yates first agent’s position was Zenith, Kansas, year of 1922. From Zenith, he transferred to Alden, Kansas, as depot agent, year of 1924. In the year of 1925 the Santa Fe Railroad opened up the branch line from Dodge City to Felt, Okla. Mr. Yates and family moved to Felt that year, Walter being the first depot agent at Felt.
In 1927, Mr. Yates “bid in” Offerle, Kansas, where Kathern started her first grade and finished high school.
Mr. Yates “bid in” the agents position at Macksville, Kansas, March of 1938. Mr. and Mrs. Yates moved to Macksville that spring. Mrs. Yates was also a Santa Fe operator and worked 2nd trick for her husband during World War II. Lena Yates organized the “Macksville Garden Club” at her home Jan. 29,1957, with the help of 20 of her Macksville friends. Lena was voted their first president.
Mrs. Lena Inel Yates passed away Jan. 30,1958.
Mr. Yates retired from the Santa Fe Railroad at Macksville, Kansas, where his career had begun, Dec. 16, 1970. Thus completing 58 years of faithful service with the Santa Fe Railroad. Mr. Yates maintained his home in Macksville until his death March 17,1974.
Macksville Newspapers
The Macksville Times May 6,1886 to October 5,1888. The Macksville Telephone May 17, 1889 to Feb. 28, 1890.
The Macksville Independent 1 year.
The Sun, Macksville, 11 months.
The Macksville Argus Oct. 5, 1900 to July 8, 1904. Miss M L. Doran was editor.
The Macksville Index for 3 years.
The Macksville Enterprise was established Aug. 5, 1904. John Lill and Jeff Burt of St. John were the publishers. J.C. Hinshaw purchased it in July 29, 1908. A.L. McMillan purchased it Dec. 1, 1914 and after his

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